Who I am: 

I'm a crazy combination of extroverted and introverted. I love to go out as much as I love to stay home. I love to travel and go on adventures, but I also LOVE sitting on the couch watching romantic movies (my favorite is "Letters to Juliet").

I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US 4 days before my 17th Birthday and yes, I speak German. 

For every salty snack I need a sweet one, and vice versa. I am always singing.  I've always wanted to be a photographer.

I love to shop; Target and TJ Max are my favorite stores. 

I have an addiction to planners and love to write things down (Queen of Lists). I absolutely love ice cream, coffee, tea, and smoothies, and can eat an entire bag of Popped Cheddar Flavored Chips in one sitting (#goals). 

I will be graduating from WMU in 2020 and I'll finally have my degree in Advertising and Promotional Marketing.

What I'm all about: 

There's something special about being able to photograph people. I geek out, I squeal, I skip, hop, and I forget all words except for, "omg you're so cute" during our session. 

I've always been the girl to watch a movie of someone diving and then subsequently find myself holding my breath with them. That is how I approach photography. I'm right there with you, every step along the way! 


Raechel Marie 

recent highlights of my life. 

I'm so excited you're here and cannot wait to be your photographer! 

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