I'm Raechel, the girl behind the camera. I want to be the one you book when you need someone to photograph your Wedding and the girl you text next time you need to update your photos!   


I'll make sure to capture all of the candid and posed moments, make sure your hair ties are put away, the silhouette of your phones aren't peaking through, and I always have a plan for what you should do with your hands!

I'm excited to get to know you and I can't wait for you to call me, "your photographer"! 

 vibrant, moody, and romantic photographer for you

weddings. seniors.  families. branding. headshots. details. engagements.  

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There are so many incredible photographers to choose from in this world. Just like them, I've spent years working on my art and making sure I can deliver the best work for you, of course the more we learn; the better we become. Something extremely valuable that I have learned these past few years as a photographer and digital marketer is that the best thing I can do to be the best photographer for you, is to be myself. Photography is so much more than just taking a photo and delivering it. There's a whole collection of things that happen before, after, and during; and I love it every step of the way. I want to be your "photographer friend".  The friend that not only knows how to work a camera, work different lighting situations, posing, capture special moments, and handle business in a professional way. Also the friend that will listen to your requests, get to know you, invest time in our relationship before and after our time working together; because that's what friends do and that's how I run; Raechel Marie Photography LLC. I'm so excited to build that relationship with you and I can't wait to photograph those life long memories! If that sounds like something you're let's chat! (click my name)

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We're all about love around here! 


Michigan Photographer - Located in Bridgman, MI

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